Conor O'Flynn

Good Vibes Only: Why the Good Vibes Are Gone, and How to Get Them Back

It’s all a big, fat lie. So many memes and well-intentioned talks tell us that we can have “good vibes only”. It’s a nice sentiment, but one that can undermine your entire life.
We all want good vibes. We want to feel good, be happy, experience meaning and fulfillment. In order to do so, we need to chase those good vibes...but we also need to drop the “only”. See, the things in life that bring you the good vibes are often uncomfortable, unfamiliar, tricky, elusive, or effortful.
Sometimes good comes easily, but often ‘good’ requires just a little effort.If you know you want to live the best life you possibly can, it’s time to see clearly. Now is the time to change your perspective and act to create the best moments you possibly can. Avoid the traps of good vibes only and the narcissistic social media culture...and become the person that can find the good vibes anywhere.
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