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Make Money Selling Cars

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I have been in the car business for approximately 18 years, been a licensed dealer 16 years. Therefore, I know this business very well.
Are you worried about the current market uncertainty?
Are you trying to tap into a more promising income stream?
Are you tired of normal and ready to become exceptional?
If so, this book is for you.
In this book you will learn the basics and the fundamentals of selling cars for beginners whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to engage in selling cars or a newly licensed dealer or new independent dealership.  This book breeds confidence in you for the basics and fundamentals for your car-selling abilities.
Here is just a fraction of what you will learn:
From start to finish of the car-selling process
How to sell a vehicle
How to sell more vehicles
• How to make thousands of dollars selling vehicles
• How to create a very satisfied and reliable long-term customer base
• How to acquire quality vehicles
How to minimize the price you pay for your vehicles
• How to maximize the profit you make at the sale of the vehicle
• How to get more customers, and
How to ensure you create a very satisfied and long-term customer base that will serve you well for a long time
Plus, inside this book, you will learn general selling principles for any selling situation
And if that is not enough, you will learn even more strategies and tactics that will last you a lifetime.  For instance... if you implement these principles, you could double your income in the next few years...which would most likely 4x your discretionary income...which means you can invest in ways you could not you opportunities and results like never before.
Even if you only applied one of the principles covered in this book, it would easily cover the cost of this book 10x over.
Click "Buy Now" and grab your copy today!
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