Bernard M. Patten

Health Is Wealth

Dr. Bernard Patten says: "Your life is quite literally in your hands. You have choices about how you can alter your life to live longer and happier." Therefore, it is critical to break down the growing body of myths and misinformation and to discover the truth about everyday health and well-being. Patten suggests that the benefits from even small changes in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle are enormous, and properly applied will increase your life-span and greatly decrease your healthcare costs. Health Is Wealth is the place to start making these changes. Patten's common sense approach includes these suggestions:
1. Regular sex relieves stress, improves sleep, and may decrease the chance of cancer.
2. Reducing television watching is as important as cutting back on sugar and salt.
3. Reading, playing board games, ballroom dancing, learning a musical instrument, mental math and recitation all increase mental fitness.
4. Relieve your body and bones of extra weight to have a healthier lifestyle and live longer.
5. Rely on wholesome organic foods to improve your nutrition.
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