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Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: The 3 Week Action Plan – 120+ Easy to Follow Recipes and Proven Meal Plan to Beat Inflammation and for Lasting Body Health

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Beat Inflammation and Live a Healthy Life Using The Anti Inflammatory Diet...
Do you suffer from inflammation and want to lose weight?
Have you tried traditional medicine and other diets but without success?
Are you ready for something that is proven to work?
Inflammation is at best uncomfortable and painful and at worst life threatening. If you have noticed the symptoms or have been suffering for a while, then you need to take action before it’s too late.
This new book, Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: The 3 Week Action Plan, aims to get your body back on track to optimum health in just 3 weeks, with easy recipes to get you started, like:
► Apple oats granola
► Fig yoghurt smoothie
► Sesame bok choy side
► Salmon bites
► Eggplant pork stew
► Spinach baked chicken
► Chickpea veggie lunch
► And more…
There are more than 120 easy to follow recipes inside these pages, complete with a meal plan that will bring you proven results when it comes to beating inflammation.
And whether you are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or love chicken and beef, there is something suitable for every taste...
Get a copy of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook now!
Lose weight, feel great, be healthy!
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