Elizabeth Snow

A Slimmer You: Lose Weight Naturally, Develop Healthier Habits and Feel Motivated to Take Care of Yourself with Subliminal Affirmations and Hypnosis

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Most people know what they need to do in order to lose weight - make healthier food choices and move more. Simple, right? But maybe you need a kick in the pants to get started and to keep going even when it’s tough.

This program has been designed to slim you down to the size you have always dreamed of being and give you the tools to show yourself the care you deserve.

This program can help you:

• Lose weight naturally
• Develop healthier habits
• Feel more motivated to take care of yourself

The audiobook includes subliminal affirmations for leading a healthy lifestyle. Listen before or during sleep on a low volume.

Eliminate body fat the natural way through diet, exercise and a positive mindset. The more respect you show your body, the better it will look!
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