Abdulilah Hamadi

The Holy Truth

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The Holy Truth unfolds.
When research leads best-selling author, David Lipton, to Stockholm for conferences and unplugging from the world, he doesn’t expect a murder mystery and a gang of hitmen after him for his legally purchased historic documents.
Yet, it would appear the exchange has brought with it more than a writer could hope to unveil. A cascade of dangerous secrets surrounding the Temple of Scribes, an ultra-conservative religious society famed with being the keepers of the lost Ark of Covenant, may just kill his next book—by death of the author.
With the help of Professor Sofie Parker, the two work to uncover the truth, following a string of murders targeting a secret society known for exposing fraudulent and criminal activities of companies from all over the world. Their luck continues with the discovery of an important clue into the shading doings of the Grand Priest, who is set to become the most powerful man in Europe.
Will the unfolded truth change your perspective on life?
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