Dmitry Glukhovsky

Metro Exodus Prequel: 2034

The world lies in ruins. The human race has been almost completely destroyed. Radiation makes cities uninhabitable, and rumors say that beyond the city limits there is nothing but burned deserts and mutated forests.
But no one knows what really is out there.
The final plane took off more than twenty years ago. Railway tracks go nowhere. The great buildings lie in ruins.
It happened only twenty years ago. But man is no longer the master of the earth. New creatures are much better adapted to the new world than human beings. The human era is almost over but there are tens of thousands who refuse to believe it. They do not know if anyone else has been saved, or if they are the last people on the planet. They live in Moscow Metro – the largest nuclear bomb shelter ever built; the final home of the human race.
The world doesn't have any tomorrow. There is no place in it for dreams, plans, and hopes. There are only instincts, and the most powerful instinct is survival. Survival at any price.

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