Dale L. Roberts

The Amazon Self Publisher

You wrote the book.
And now it’s published.
But you’re not getting any sales! What gives?!

Most people would have you believe self-publishing on Amazon is easy. Yet, why aren’t you seeing the results they claim you should get?
Your lack of book sales comes down to 3 culprits:
KeywordsMarketing and promotionBook reviews
It’s time you put all your self-publishing woes to bed and finally increase your book sales for good.
Enter The Amazon Self-Publisher series.

You’ll learn:
The secrets to keyword research and selectionCheap yet effective book promotionsHow to get book reviews the legit wayWhere Amazon Advertising will serve your book bestAnd hundreds of powerful insights!

You’ll love learning all about Amazon self-publishing, because once you discover proven strategies in self-publishing, your life will change for the good.
Get it now!

Note: This is the compilation of Amazon Keywords for Books, Promotional Strategies for Books, and Amazon Reviews for Books.

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