Belinda Austin

Single and Looking

A LAUGH-OUT-LOUD, FEEL-GOOD, HEARTWARMING TALE Bubblehead Daisy is still single and turning 40. Why can't her family just mind their own business and let her screw up her life by drinking, and partying too much? Taking bubble baths with her cat is not proof that Daisy is lonely and that she needs a more human relationship.
To make the crises worse, her five sisters and aunt pray that Daisy find a husband. A miracle happens! Her cat begins speaking human talk. Daisy agrees with the cat when he calls her mother "That B!&ch." However, Daisy disagrees with the cat, that her mother killed her last husband on the golf course.
Daisy's life is a big barreled wine mess, of trying to avoid her screaming mother and her ultra-religious, widowed aunt. The old busybodies could use a dildo to share between them since they're too cheap to buy any pleasure of their own. Instead, the hags ruin Daisy's bachelorette fun by calling her an old maid.
Even with her cat acting as her personal dating assistant, Daisy has been looking for love in all the wrong places, such as the neighborhood Peeping Tom. Then there's the six nightmarish, blind dates her meddling five sisters and mother talk her into. Daisy should have known better than to agree to date strangers named after liquor.
Will the romantic, forever-hopeful Daisy every find true love? Or will she always be the family loser?
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