Martha Carr,Michael Anderle,Judith Berens

The Queen’s Daughter

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Alison Brownstone has the leader’s name and is ready to kick ass. Time to take the fight to the Seventh Order dark wizards.
Tracking dark wizards is hard but no one is good enough to evade the bounty hunter for long.
Unless a friend goes missing first.
Shay asks Brownstone Security for help finding Lily and Alison can’t refuse. The dark wizards can wait. The team is off to Japan in search of the magical she thinks of as a sister.
What should have been a simple search and rescue mission is anything but simple.
Drawn into a power play over an ancient Japanese artifact, Alison and her team must find a resolution and Lily at the same time. Problem is, the Japanese don’t want any outsiders involved.
Doesn’t help that Hollingsworth Retrieval Specialists are complicating matters. They want a crack at the artifact too.
Time to kick ass and chew gum. Too bad Alison is all out of gum.
Follow Alison and Brownstone Security’s adventures in Japan in The Queen’s Daughter. Click BUY NOW to start reading.
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