Mark Fernandez


Do you want to learn how to speak Spanish quickly and fluently?Do you want to be able to do it wherever you happen to be?Are you ready to try a revolutionary approach that will have you speaking Spanish in no time?Spanish is a great language to learn as it is so widely spoken, especially in Europe and the Americas. In fact it is the language with the second highest number of native speakers in the world and its popularity means that millions more are keen to learn it for travel, business or simply as a hobby. If that is something you have considered but don’t think that a classroom situation is the right setting for you, then perhaps approaching it from a different ange might work.In this book, 1001 Top Spanish Words in Context: How to Learn Spanish in Less Than 28 Days with a Proven Language System, at Home, the Office or in Your Car, you will discover an easy and fun way to learn this widely spoken language, with chapters that concentrate on:
ArticlesThe use of pronounsConnecting sentences with conjunctionsNouns and adjectivesVerbs and adverbsSome simple exercises to get you startedAnd more…
What are you waiting for?
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