David L. Ross

SEO Marketing: A Beginner's Guide to Seo to Rank 1 in Google, Keywords Research, on Page Seo, link Building, Wordpress Seo and More

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Practical steps to do complete SEO for a new website or existing website and rank it on the first page of Google.
This audio book includes
-What is SEO?
-How SEO Works
-Understanding Search Engines
-Keyword Research
-Linking Strategy - Google Link Building
-SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid
-Content Creation and Website SEO Optimization
-SEO Marketing
-Make money
-Affiliate sites
-Authority sites
-Gaining and Maintaining Review
-Why Do Google Reviews Matter?
-Keys to Success in SEO
-Grow your e-mail list
-Page linking
-Get connected with related sites
It doesn’t matter whether you are running a blog where you collect emails or are running an online store; if you are on the first page for a certain keyword, you get a ton of leads, which means that the likelihood of having more conversions is even higher. This is the essence of SEO. Certainly, SEO is a complex topic that many website owners want to ignore. However, this doesn’t make it impossible to learn. With this comprehensive guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about Google SEO. Research has consistently pointed to the fact that search engines have the power to create or topple an organization or website’s success. Having a targeted audience base can give the organization or website/blog the much-needed revenue and exposure like few other marketing mediums.
Online entrepreneurs and internet publishers sometimes mistakenly believe that SEO is only about building pages that are search engine friendly. Yes, that is the primary purpose of search engine optimization. However, it isn’t just limited to creating pages that are lapped up by search engines. SEO is also about making your website or blog more user-friendly, organized and attractive for your target audience.
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