Elise Faber

Bad Husband

Heather O’Keith is the biggest, baddest female CEO around.
She’s known for being tough as nails, fair to a fault, and a shark when it comes to securing contracts for her business, RoboTech.
She’s also lonely.
Not that she would tell anyone else that . . . least of all one Clay Steele—sexy, smart, cold, and a man with a business acumen that both matches and sometimes surpasses her own.
But then fate catches them both at a weak moment and Heather realizes that she may not be the only lonely one. The big lug who seems to enjoy tormenting her in the business world also has a soft side. And when that part of him is wholly directed at her, she gets stupid.
Stupid finds her waking up hungover and naked in Clay’s bed.
With a giant diamond ring.
On her left hand.
And a wedding license with their names on it.
Oh lord, what has she done?
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Elise Faber


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