How Technology Can Help To Improve Your Sleep Quality - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #059

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New Year, new episode on the 'How Technology Can Help' mini series of the 20 Minute Fitness podcast. This week Charlie brings some great tech products and services that can put you on track for a year of great night sleep.

If you've ever struggled with insomnia or sleep deprivation, this is your episode! Listen on to learn how to overcome the struggles of bad sleep!

Three Things You Will Learn 

1) How Different Apps Can Make You Sleep Better
Although using your phone before going to bed is generally a bad habit, there are certain apps that are exceptions. The Sleep Cycle app for instance will aid your good night sleep by tracking your sleep cycles and waking you up while you're at the appropriate sleep stage. Whereas Calm is taking a different approach and uses meditation and breath technique coaching as means to improve your sleep quality.
Find out more about these apps and their various features from this week's episode!

2) The Gadgets Of Your Dreams
Of course the wearables market has something to offer in the sleep department as well. The Oura Ring is the ultimate solution for accurate and fashionable sleep tracking. The ring and the Oura app will provide you with comprehensive data and sleep analysis, including your sleep efficiency, sleep disturbances and a lot more. 

However, if you're not a big fan of wearables and mainly struggle with falling asleep and waking up, the Phillips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up light should get on your shopping list instead. These lights will ensure that you fall asleep easier and wake up more naturally by stimulating sunrises & sunsets. Press play to find out why natural lighting is better and hear about others' experiences with Somneo!

3) The Smartest Bed Accessories
What would a smart home be without a smart bed?
Thankfully we don't have to find out as innovations like the Somnox Sleep robot will quickly turn your average bed into one that fits in our 21st century lifestyles. However Somnox's new gadget doesn't only sound cool, but is actually super useful. It packs almost all the features that the previously mentioned products have into a pillow form that will quickly become your favorite sleep buddy.
Finally finishing off with the basis of a good quality sleep, the mattress. They might be a bigger investment, but the Eight Smart Mattresses will definitely ensure your comfort with their top foam quality and also use their built-in sensors to provide feedback on your sleep. Tune in to learn how Somnox will help you feel great when waking up and what factors do the Eight Mattresses track!

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