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Artificial Intelligence in Education

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 Sci-fi authors, Movie-makers and futurists have been dreaming Artificial Intelligence taking over for decades now. They have been defining the new horizon of robotic technology, artificial brain and artificial intelligence for a long time. However, what was their dreams, the researchers and scientists of the twenty-first century have turned it almost into a mere reality. Artificial Intelligence nowadays has surrounded us. Almost all the technical and some of the non-technical fields are improving pretty fast, holding the hands of Artificial Intelligence. From the auto parking facility in your car to the sometimes frustrating voice assistance application in your Smartphone. From defining diseases and their medication in the healthcare sector to our education system nowadays, you name it. Almost everything that contains the word *smart* before its name is been operated with Artificial Intelligence.
True is the fact that we are not going to make robots that are self-aware like they were in the Star Wars movies in the next decade (with these capable scientists of this century, it is safe to talk only about the next decade and not more than that). However, we are already using Artificial Intelligence not only in the technological sectors but also in different sectors of society like medicine and healthcare. Even in Education. This might isn’t as mind-blowing as it seems in your Smartphone and you don’t expect the humanoid robots teaching you in your class. At least not in the next decade like we said. However, there are some cases where AI has been involved with our education system.
There are a lot of Projects where the Artificial Brains have been helping both the teachers and the students to get the maximum out in return from our education system.
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