Michael Lee

Liberation Theology

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Explore one of the most dynamic movements of our time: liberation theology.

In the midst of poverty and oppression, liberation theology emerged in twentieth-century Latin America as a beacon of hope. By thinking about their faith in innovative ways, believers wrestled with these profound social problems. Dramatic in its context and sweeping in its scope, liberation theology continues to offer fascinating ways to engage with issues such as inequality, violence, and ecological concerns.

Now, An Introduction to Liberation Theology gives you the opportunity to understand its context and implications today. When you listen to this superbly taught course, you will explore how to address economic, political, and social liberation with a robust and meaningful faith.

In these 12 lectures, you will explore such questions as: What does it mean to understand Jesus Christ as a liberator? How is sin social as well as personal? How can the Church be of and for the poor? As you encounter the richness that is found in a spirituality of liberation, you will reflect upon the meaning of the gospel and your own faith, discovering how all believers are called to care for the poor.

Liberation theology prompts questions for all people interested in the pressing social issues of our day. Learn how to live in a world calling for justice, hoping for peace, and needing reconciliation today.

*Photo by Chensiyuan (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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