Steven McRyan

Rewire your Brain


·     This amazing book set includes:
1     Book   Improve your brain power in only 10 days
In it, you will learn:
·        Ways to train your brain to utilize 100 percent of your brain capacity, rather than the 20 percent that the average person uses
·        Nifty tricks and fun games for improving memory, speed reading, and accelerated learning to make it enjoyable to achieve maximum brain performance
·        Methods to save hundreds or thousands of hours of your own time over the course of your life by learning speed reading tips and memory improvement tricks that will reduce study time, get your homework done faster, and increase knowledge learned and books read
·        Brain improvement for kids - increase reading confidence, improve test scores, and make reading fun for kids that don't like to read

2   Book  Open Mindset
In it, you will learn:
·        Why your mindset is to blame for everything you are struggling with today
·        Fixed belief systems and mindsets that have no place in your personal transformation journey
·        The scientific explanation of why mindset is a key ingredient in everyone’s life
·        How to overcome any challenges you may be experiencing with your mindset
·         And much more!!
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Steven McRyan


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