The Religion of the Ancient Celts

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In The Religion of the Ancient Celts, author J.A. MacCulloch introduces a different view of the ancient Celts as he dives into the mysterious world of the ancient Celts. Focusing on the scientific study that indulges in the wild, speculative notions of the Celts, this book touches on the sagas, worships, festivals, influencers, magic, and the transition of eras from Pagan to Christianity, and ideals. As readers begin their journey into this ancient world and ideals, they will uncover a deep, and complex culture and society. The book provides an enlightened understanding of the Celtic psyche in relation to how they view their place in the universe of religious beliefs. They are portrayed as being able to define the concept of God and the supernatural by their ritualized forms of worship and shamanistic (purveyors of mystical) practices. The book offers a rare perspective on how the ancient Celts found kinship with what they conceived to be spirits personified in nature. Providing a cultural investigation into why they once worshiped mountains, knolls, rivers, lakes, forests, and the stars. The druids who were the ritual providers of the time were seen as shaman, priest, and magician who officiated over sacred rites and spaces for the dead such as burial mounds, adhered to a benevolent view of the afterlife, rebirth, and the transmigration of the spirit.
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