A delightful anthology of great works by some of Europe's greatest short story writers:

1. "The Marquise", by George Sand
2. "The Bundle of Letters", by Maurus Jokai
3. "The Pistol Shot", by Alexander Pushkin
4. "The Mad Veteran of Fort Ratonneau", by Ludwig Achim von Arnim
5. "Twenty-six Men and a Girl", by Maxim Gorky
6. "Zodomirsky’s Duel", by Alexandre Dumas
7. "The Mines of Falun", by E. T. A. Hoffmann
8. "Mademoiselle Fifi", by Guy de Maupassant
9."Maestro Niccolo and the Pig", by Gio Sabadino
10. "The Father", by Björnstjerne Björnson
11. "Mons. Cassecrouche’s Inspiration", by George Walter Thornbury
12. "Malachi’s Cove", by Anthony Trollope
13. "The Judgement of Paris", by Leonard Merrick
14. "A Queer Night in Paris", by Guy de Maupassant
15. "Immensee", by Theodor Storm
16. "The Paradise of Cats", by Emile Zolà
17. "In the Reign of Terror", by Anatole France
18. "The Scholar", by Ludwig Tieck
19. "The Long Exile", by Count Leo Tolstoy
20. "The Encased Man", by Anton Chekhov
21. "The Criminal from Lost Honour", by Friedrich Schiller
22. "The Story of Brave Kasper and Fair Annie", by Clemens Brentano
23. "The Black Ferry", by John Galt
24. "The Mummy’s Foot", by Théophile Gautier
25. "The Clockmaker of Poissy", by Stanley John Weyman
26. "One Thing Leads to Another", by Stacy Aumonier
27. "The Roman Road", by Kenneth Grahame
28. "A Child’s Revenge", by Paul Bourget
29. "The Honest Thief", by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
30. "The Dead", by James Joyce
31. "The Stone Dragon", by R. Murray Gilchrist
32. "Story", by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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