Mark G. Cowan

Shamanism: The Ultimate Guide To Shamanic Power

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Are you fascinated by the subject of Shamanism?
Is it something that holds mystery and interest for you?
Would you like to delve deeper and gain a much better understanding of this amazing power?
Shamans have long been the subject of scrutiny and debate. Their abilities, to reach an altered state of consciousness and interact with the spirit world, are revered by millions worldwide and have been claimed to produce incredible results for believers.
In this book, Shamanism: The Ultimate Guide To Shamanic Power, we seek to dispel some of the myths and half truths that many hold about this practice, with chapters that examine:
- The Roles Of The Shaman
- Shamanism Beliefs
- How Shamanism Beliefs Fit With Soul And Spirit Concepts
- Understanding Entheogens
- Related Music And Songs
- Tools Used In Shamanism
- Shamanism In Folk Tales
- Variations Per Region
Allow your mind to be opened to a whole new world of possibilities and new thinking. Shamanism: The Ultimate Guide To Shamanic Power, is a book that will do just that and open you up to a practice that has long been misunderstood.
Get a copy today and see Shamanism in a whole new way!
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