PJ McDermott

The Alien Corps

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The Corps has encountered all kinds of magicians and sorcerers on their travels across the universe, but never a true Messiah.At least, not before now.
When word reaches Earth that an alien calling himself Teacher is performing miracles on a planet at the edge of the galaxy, Hickory Lace and her team are sent to investigate.
Prosperine is a restricted, Class M planet, inhabited by beings descended from flightless birds. It seethes with predatory beasts and carnivorous plants, and most of the surface is radioactive.
To combat the poisonous effects of the atmosphere and allow them to move unobtrusively amongst the local populace, the trio undergo complex robotic surgery to alter their metabolism and recast their external appearance.
Armed only with primitive weapons, they make their way to the capital city, Ezekan.
In this epic adventure, the future of the Earth and its allies is at stake. Hickory has one chance to prevent disaster. She must reignite the powerful empathic gift she was born with, and at the same time determine exactly who or what the Teacher represents.
Fans of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert will love it!
If clean science fiction books featuring strong female characters with a touch of the supernatural are your go, then you'll love this imaginative story. The Alien Corps is also available in paperback and ebook formats.
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