Sasha Davis,r.A. bentinck

The Flaws in Our Teen

The tears, the lies, the dramas... These are the Teenage Years. Sit back, relax and prepare your mind for a journey into the teenage years through a captivating poetry collection.
This collection will help you scratch that itch you have for good poetry and have you coming back for more. This book is the perfect read for someone who is going through puberty or simply anyone looking to relive or look back on their own experiences growing up as a teenager.
This isn't your typical poetry collection. It doesn't contain washed-up poetic metaphors, nor does it contain the usual dry and boring clichés. This is an engaging collection that was written by two poets who write from a place of sincerity.
There are poems that will coerce you to think deeply, empathise, smile, some will even draw a tear or two as you journey through these pages.
So, if you want to rethink what the term poetry really means, and immerse yourself in the role of a teenager or just wants to read some good poems, then simply click the buy now button now and grab your copy of 'The Flaws in Our Teen'.
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