Zaire Crown

The Game Never Ends

From hard times to getting it all, one woman must fight to keep her fortune, her family, and her life, in this
intense, unpredictable follow-up to Games Women Play …

By leveraging savvy and basic instincts, Tuesday Knight rose up from running an elite gentleman’s club to becoming
the mega-wealthy Beverly Hills wife and business partner of reformed drug kingpin Marcus King. Along with their
respectable, law-abiding new life came new names and a new family. But now the country’s most feared drug lord
wants to use Marcus’s legit empire to push her product—and the fallout threatens to be treacherous …

Soon Tuesday finds herself on the run with her two daughters—and under pressure from a devious FBI agent to
help take down the drug lord for good. But to clear the board of enemies and regain her position, and her life, she’ll
have to face unexpected betrayals—and play out a shattering endgame …
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