Robert Hurst

Life's Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life

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Did you know that each child is unique in the family and has his or her own personality that is different from all the others?. It is your order of birth that determines who you really are. Your interactions with your siblings. mold your character. Dr. Robert V. V. Hurst wrote this book after following his orthodontic patients for over 40 years. What he found was the key to understanding all people, the Double Birth Order. This occurs when four or more years separate siblings or groups of siblings from each other. This finding was the Rosetta stone that allows you to understand everyone. This book gives you the steps to find you "Real" birth order which is influenced by other factors besides you number at birth.. Multiple births, death, living arrangements, step siblings, divorce, and illness are just a few of the variables. Dr. Hurst uses stories and humor as well as the birth order of people we all know to show how their birth orders affected their lives. You will get to learn about yourself, marriage partners, working relationships, and the affect of a blended family.,
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