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Declutter Your Mind

This book was carefully designed for anyone who suffers anxiety in the form of excessive worrying, for those who get stuck in life and lack the ambition to get things done and move forward. Anxiety is something you cannot avoid, but this book will teach you how to change your relationship with it to prevent it from guiding your actions when it’s not your advantage. In the whole of this book, you will learn, at your own humble pace, simple yet powerful techniques that you can apply to daily life to break the cycle of anxiety, unhappiness, stress, and exhaustion.
You will be guided through the techniques with expert guidance all the way throughout the book and all the tips, as well as the main points in detail. This book is based on research and practices from health psychology, mindfulness and Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy.
The book can also be used again. So going through it once may provide you with an in-depth understanding. However, going through it twice will allow you to achieve over 90% in your personal race to overcome your anxiety.
When you download this book. You will learn:
• The root source of our fears and anxieties and why it is difficult for us to take action.
• The only foolproof method to help you conquer your fears.
• The simple psychological tactic to act despite your fear so you can deal with whatever is holding you back.
• Approach new life obstacles with courage.
• Develop a richer and more meaningful life.
• How to avoid negative thinking.
• Solution-focused techniques.
• Taking control of situations.
• Cultivating a healthy mental attitude.
• How to breathe, relax, and calm down.
• Organizing your life.
• How to handle relationships and being in big crowds.
• Understanding what worry is.
• And more…
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