Jean-Baptiste Molière,David Serero,Jean-Baptise Poquelin

Tartuffe by Moliere (English adaptation)

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Tartuffe is one of Molière's most significant successes (1622-1673). Moliere is one of France's most popular playwrights. In this adaptation, David Serero brings the play to its essence for a perfect one-act performance (1 hour 20 minutes) with his Cast.
The Plot: Tartuffe, a sanctimonious scoundrel who professes extreme piety, is taken into the household of Orgon, a wealthy man. Under the guise of ministering to the family’s spiritual and moral needs, he almost destroys Orgon’s family. Elmire, Orgon’s wife, sees through Tartuffe’s wicked hypocrisy and exposes him.
The play is very educational and funny, and, though nearly 400 years old, shows that the human condition has still not changed.
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