Lisa Morgan

Comply with Me

“Everybody says ‘Comply with Me’ is the most sensationally revealing book about Trump ever!”
The same type of vague exaggeration helped Trump gain devoted supporters. It is one of many hypnosis tools he used to win near-invincible political power.
Hypnosis is Trump’s secret talent. Discover his hidden techniques, the motive behind his weird handshakes and why he speaks in such a strange way.
A master at creating compliance. Trump implies what he wants, not needing to spell it out. By analysing Trump’s hypnotic suggestions, Lisa Morgan foresaw that he would fight to stay on as US President: “he will up the ante and take more outlandish steps to hold onto power”.
Other politicians have learned from Trump. Boris Johnson uses hypnotic language. Hypnosis influenced Brexit too.
Hypnosis can be a powerful force for good. Morgan’s experiences as a therapist, businesswoman and teacher illustrate hypnosis’s positive effects on people.
Morgan guides you into hypnosis, showing you how to free yourself from others' beliefs and make up your own mind. 
No one can really control your thoughts or beliefs, unless you let them.
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