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How to Dunk Like a Pro: The No-Bullshit Guide to Jumping Higher Regardless of Age or Height

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If your one of the many people who struggle to reach the rim and dunk over their opponents, don’t get disheartened – because what many don’t realize is that dunking a basketball requires more than on-court skill alone.
And it is certainly not determined by either your height or your age.
In fact, our ability to dunk is dictated by our muscle strength, muscle power, and our vertical jump performance.
Which in itself is an extremely positive thing, because these factors are not necessarily inherited, nor are they determined at birth. Rather, each of these factors can be trained independently in the gym and on the court, allowing us to improve our vertical jump height, ensuring we can dunk with ease – irrespective of either our age or our height!
In the following book you will find:
- Successfully implemented methods of strength training that will build the foundation for your dunking ability
- Power training methods to improve your muscular power
- Jump training methods to rapidly increase your vertical jump and dunking capacity
- Information pertaining to jump technique and dunking performance that have been honed through decades of work
- Dietary information to ensure you get the most out of your training
This book is essentially the written culmination of my many years working with basketball athletes. The results of this learning experience, and the processes I have used extensively to maximize athletic performance are summarized in this book, ready for you to apply immediately into your own training.
This has further been summarized in a thorough 8-week training program – involving strength training methods, power training methods, and jump performance training techniques – that will lead you to a massive vertical jump, and some crazy dunking ability.
While I can provide the HOW, you need to provide the DO, so don’t keep waiting – become an absolute beast on the court and take the first step to improve your dunking ability today!
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How to Dunk Like a Pro: The No-Bullshit Guide to Jumping Higher Regardless of Age or Height
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