Scott Matthews

2222 Interesting, Wacky & Crazy Facts - The Knowledge Encyclopedia To Win Trivia

Research conducted by NASA in 1995 concluded that the perfect nap lasts for about 26 minutes. Did you know Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Did you know that if you're looking for a job, the application and resume are not nearly as important as a reference. In fact knowing someone who works at the company increases your chances of getting an interview and makes you 40% more likely to get the job over someone with a fancier resume.
If you learnt anything in the last few lines you're going to learn a bunch more in the next 2222 facts. It's full of interesting information that you can whip out in any conversation. You'll never be lost for words and always have the perfect ice breaker.
★★You're going to learn more about the world you live in & some of the topics include:★★
-Human Anatomy
-Animal Species
And many, many More! What’re you waiting for? Knowledge is power! Come on in and we’ll delve into the interesting and fascinating facts about the world around us. Download the audio now and let's get started.
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