William Swain

Killer Copywriting Reloaded: The Advanced Guide on How to Write Copy That Sells

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Do you want to boost your sales, save time and grow your business at a lightning speed?
Good copywriting can do all that plus a whole lot more. And world class copywriting can transform your performance out of all recognition. I’m going to show you how.
Whether you’re aware of it or not, copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. It’s the art and science of strategically delivering words that get people to take action.
In this updated and expanded second edition, you will learn how to write copy that connects and converts. You don’t have to guess what to write. You can learn exactly what words will increase the level of your success… Every. Single. Time. The right words can make the difference between your business fighting to keep the lights on vs. your business breaking sales records.
From this book, you will discover:
How to Tell a Compelling Story
Formatting Tips That Make Your Copy a Joy to Read
The Seven Saleable Emotions
How to Write Headlines That Draw People In
Writing Copy for Social Media
Creating a Persona
How to Write an Effective Call to Action (CTA)
Conversations Lead to Conversions
Emails that Make You Click
And Much, Much More
Start Listening Now, and Take Your Copywriting to The Next Level.
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