Candy Rae

Cat at Christmas

‘Cat at Christmas’ is written using British English with a Scottish flavour. There are spelling differences between British English and the English as written and spoken in other parts of our wonderful, diverse world. There are also spelling differences between Human English and Cat English. Where Cat English predominates, cat won the argument.

Quotes from 'Cat at Christmas':

'Cats like to climb, and Myup and me were no exception.
'Up we went.
'Down we went.
'Down we went along wif the tree.
'We hit the ground wif a thump and a crash, accompanied by the merry little tinkles of breaking bobbles.why I am very careful to choose the right place.’

'If this fails make sure you are seen licking the nicest bits all over. I have noticed that humans almost never eat anyfing that has been licked by another. Small humans do this a lot wif bags of sweeties.'

'Remember to hide once they have been filled so you are not removed from the room. The hiding is especially important if you destroyed the stockings the previous Chrismas.'

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Candy Rae


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Cat at Christmas
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