Toby Robbins

Thinking Rich - Financial Freedom

Thinking Rich - Financial Freedom. Is it really that easy? Is simply "Thinking Rich" enough to get you to financial freedom?
You know the answer, don't you? Obviously you're not going to achieve financial independance by "thinking poor", are you?
The difference between those who are rich, and those who want to be, is quite simply that the rich think differently.
That's the main reason they have more money than you.
It's not, as you may think, that they're obsessive penny pinchers who drive a rolls, but shop at the same discount store as you.
Or that - barring an inheritance - they have some special knowledge or skill that you lack.
Their "secret" - if I may use that overused pronoun, is that they have formed "rich habits." Which , over time, have been integral elements of their daily lives.
So,while thinking rich is the essential starting point - that alone won't get you to the finish line.
You will need to do the same. You will need to form "Rich Habits."
And the self-discipline to stick to them, in the face of temptation. Not to mention determination and perserverance.
In his many books, DVD's, Audio Courses and workshops, Motivational Speaker and Thought Leader Toby Robbins has shared his expertise to ensure you always have an unfair advantage in business and life.
In this no stone left unturned book, Toby pumps up the volume, giving you advanced strategies, techniques and mindset "must haves" to create the rich habits and thinking that will enable you to enjoy a worry free life of financial freedom.
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