Jolie Day

Real Fake Husband

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Marrying my childhood bully? Monumental mistake.

He called me “Goody-Goody.”
He called me “Nosy-Josie.”
He called me other things while he pulled my pigtails.

Two decades later, I’m shocked to find my name on his grandmother’s will.
We’re set to inherit a fortune, split 50-50.
The catch?

We have to tie the knot.
We have to live in her tiny NYC apartment (with just one bed).
We have to keep up the fake marriage for one month.

Luckily, I have a strategy:

Ignore his sizzling looks and sinful tattoos.
No accidental lip-locking (the first one was a mistake).
Absolutely no sketching him in his birthday suit—and definitely don’t let him catch me.
Resist his bedroom antics, even if he calls me a “princess.”
Never, ever fall in love.
Survive the month, snag the inheritance, and exit swiftly.

But then, just when I think it’s going smoothly, things go terribly wrong.

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Jolie Day, comes a scorching hot marriage of convenience romance. The sinful bad boy and the sassy good girl are tying the knot. Get ready for the hottest month of their lives! It is a complete standalone. Definitely for adult readers only.
Jolie Day
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