Bernard M. Patten

The Wonderful World of Bernies

Before he became the world’s foremost expert on Myasthenia Gravis...
Before he had the largest neurology practice in the known Universe...
Before he solved some of the most difficult and often bizarre medical cases ever known...
He was...young Bernie Patten(#1 but really the 3rd), idiot savant(?) and sometimes just an idiot.
Who isn’t when they are growing up?
Chaotic at times - but never boring - life constantly flowed for a boy whose namesakes included his murder solving father(#2 and the 2nd) that would become a famous District Attorney, and his Great- Uncle(#3 and the 1st), a prominent, first generation, silver tongued Senator - a true Irish politician and master of elocution. (not electrocution, e-lo-cution). Confused? You won’t be soon, all will become clear we assure you!
Introducing Dr. Bernard M. Patten (#1 but really the 3rd), Neurologist extraordinaire. Before he became all that (and much, much, more!) he had a lot of growing up to do. With his politician patriarchs grooming him for future governorship, what could go wrong for our young,budding, basement chemist?
Meet the Bernies (and Owens, and Tommies) and many others that influenced Dr. Bernie, growing up in the land of egg creams, devil dogs and Asses Up.
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