Brenton Irving

How to Overcome Your Childhood: A Guide on How a Character is Formed; Emotional Inheritance; the Concepts of Being ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’; the Impact of Parental Styles of Love; How to Choose Adult partners

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Do you struggle with intense emotion and uncertainty? Does moving forward from your past feel impossible? Are those fears and anxieties holding you back tied to your own past and childhood?
"How to Overcome Your Childhood" is here for you.
Being an adult is hard. When you’ve experienced difficult – and often traumatic – childhood adversity, it can feel as if you’ve been given an impossible task with no directions on how to achieve it. You are not alone; many people struggle with those same insecurities and difficulties.
From building character to learning how to give and receive love, you can learn how to shape new habits and release yourself from the childhood hang-ups holding you back. The audiobook tackles the toughest topics in personal growth, including:
• Setting boundaries
• Accepting your own mistakes without blame
• Understanding emotional age
• Working through the stages of maturity
• Letting go of past pain
• Loving yourself when it feels like no one else does
With the right guidance, you can stop merely surviving and instead begin thriving as an adult. Learn how to motivate, nurture, and inspire yourself.
Let go of the you from yesterday. It’s time to become the person you will be tomorrow!
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