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Unlocking the Untethered Mind Guided Meditations Bundle (3 in 1)

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"..Far-off you hear the whisperings of wind, and carried with it the sound of the sea, instilling deep, night, dream…’'
In this complete 3-hour collection featuring bestseller titles, The Hidden Ways of Hope Reborn and The Secret Tale of Starlit Dreams, travel along with the narration and experience vivid visuals conjured by the written word, while listening to calm stories enchantingly told. Words, music, and narrative art, all come together to create a special time for the stressed mind, leaving analytical thinking, everyday cares and unwanted memories behind. With this audio, unlike most other similar works that go not beyond simple breathing relaxation, the detail, depth, and art of story-telling, accompanied with the narration of exceptional voice-acting by highly appraised voices, hold their own height in the field of well-being and story-telling. From general relaxation and stress-relief by a naturopathic physician, to a specifically tailored story for deep sleep narrated by the melodic soothing voice of a singer, to igniting motivation, courage and hope with a noble voice of Irish heritage, this collection of audiobooks goes above and beyond and covers it all.
What are you waiting for? ‘’..Hidden places and sanctuaries appear, white towers of ancient art, and figures of swans flying past; while from far below, singing chants, and sweet notes of harps, dreamily float up. A thousand minstrels of a rare kind, beautify the night, under sapphire-blue skies…"
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