George M. Shelton

Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide To Create A Winning Business Plan

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Are you considering starting your own business?
Do you have the right idea, the perfect location and the backing to make it work?
What about a business plan that will work?
Starting a new business is an exciting and daunting prospect. You expect big things from your new venture, but it isn’t all just about starting trading and making money. You need to plan if you are going to make a success of it and that’s where a good business plan comes in.
With this book, Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide to Create a Winning Business Plan, you can start that process and make sure that you cover every eventuality with chapters that include:
- Business Planning Basics
- Market Evaluation
- Analyse Competition
- Determine A Marketing Strategy
- Decide What Extras You May Need Like Staff etc.
- The Dangers In Not Making A Business Plan
With a good business plan under your belt the chances of success are far greater for you and the prospect of failure will diminish accordingly. That leaves you with the confidence and security to get on and bring your great idea to a waiting world.
Get a copy of Business Plan and make sure your dream will come alive!
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