Bryan Collier

We Shall Overcome

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A celebration of the gospel anthem and Civil Rights protest song "We Shall Overcome", masterfully brought to life byCaldecott Honor recipient and a nine-time Coretta Scott King Award winner Bryan Collier.
"We Shall Overcome" is one of the most recognizable anthems of the Civil Rights movement, widely performed at protests and rallies to promote nonviolent civil rights activism. Now, these inspirational, empowering, legendary lyrics are brought to life by multi-award winning talent Bryan Collier. Powerfully imagined for the present moment, Collier melds the most emblematic moments of the twentieth century Civil Rights movement with the present day, depicting the movements, protests, and demonstrations-big and small-as the fight for justice continues. Full of depth, tenderness, and expression, and offering historical context while remaining powerfully relevant to the present-day, this impactful audiobook is a must-have for every home and classroom.
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