Janna Donovan

Burnout Diaries

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“Absolutely amazing book. It proves there is light beyond the darkness.” “I could not put this book down!” “Words came off the page and sat with me long after putting the book down.”

BURNOUT DIARIES is the gritty, personal account of Janna Donovan, a marketing manager who found herself battling burnout in a foreign country. It details the distrust, shame, secrecy, and over-work that eventually led to panic events, depression, and plans for suicide. The story reads more like a novel than a business book. It’s funny and tragic and “Did she really go there?” rolled into one fascinating true story, making the pain at once recognizable and the advice actionable.

The wisdom and lessons are wrapped in an explosive package of honesty and secret-busting revelations. One minute, it reads like a travel guide, with up close and personal memories of exotic places. The next minute, it is intimate and tender, letting the reader in on every thought and anxious emotion at home and at the office. Finally, when the dust settles and the danger has passed, the advice is smart, realistic and based in a sincere understanding of human development and brain science.

This book is based on Janna Donovan’s personal diaries, so it is different from other business stress books. Empathy and compassion jump off the page as the author outs herself, broken heart and all.

She shares what she went through and works to answer the question, “Why am like this?” See how she developed more confidence, courage and clearer thinking. See how she kicked her work stress habits for good.

Start listening and break up with anger, resentment, anxiety and guilt.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

• Tired professionals who feel like what they do is never enough

• Power contributors who take on twice the workload of their peers

• People who experience unhealthy work stress in any job worked

• Managers who don’t understand why delegation feels impossible

• Anyone who loves a workaholic

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