B.E. Baker

Finding Balance

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Gone. . . but not forgotten?
Amy loved everything about her mom: her smile, her smell, her gentle laugh. On the day her mom died, it felt as though the sun went dark. Her dad bought a house with wheels and they started moving, but no matter how many new places they went, the sun never came back out.
At least, not until Mary showed up and handed Amy a box of Froot Loops.
Amy loved Mary from the very first day—almost as much as her dad did.
Amy began calling Mary "Mom" shortly after the wedding without a second thought. After all, Mary cared for her, taught her, and loved her, all the things that moms do. But when her mom’s sister comes to visit, Aunt Anica has plenty of questions.
And now, Amy does too.
Does loving Mary mean Amy doesn't love her real mom? Or is there somehow room for all the love Amy feels in her heart?
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