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Prashant Kumar, Praveen Kumar

How to Grow Rich by Giving

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Have you ever wondered why Bill Gates has pledged 95% and Warren Buffet 99% of their wealth away to charity?
Have you also wondered why Bill Gates continues to be one of the richest men in the world after having donated over $38 billion to his charitable foundation? His wealth continues to grow at an ever-increasing pace even as he donates.
Is there a correlation between giving money to charity and becoming richer? Can we apply the same principles to increase our net worth?
What customers are saying?
I have read this book several times and it has changed my views on the nature of money and the importance of charity. Beautifully written and thought provoking. Blair Thomas
Fantastic book that explains why giving is important. Our basic instinct is not to part with our hard earned money. After reading this book I am convinced that giving and receiving are intertwined and the only way to create enlightened wealth. Vincent TL
Short simple and sweet. Touches the heart and soul. Cathleen Shu
This book opened my eyes to spiritual side of money. There is no doubt in my mind giving and receiving are a part of the same coin but also brings internal changes leading to greater happiness. Rose Mary

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