Andrew Elder

Technical Analysis for Beginners

If you are a technical analyst, you know how useful it is to predict the future. Based on a collection of indicators and other technical techniques, technical analysts can see what the market will do by predicting how stocks will likely move in the future. When you read this book, you will find some common patterns seen in charts that can help you predict where a stock might go next. Are you interested? Keep reading to know more!
Technical analysis is one of the quickest ways for investors in stocks or futures to make money. Investors must become more educated on this type of investment strategy and use it effectively.
Since the 1940s, technical analysis has been used to predict future stock prices of stocks and commodities. It is also used in the futures markets to help traders decide which instruments and futures contracts they wish to buy or sell.
For technical analysis to be successful, the investor must observe certain patterns in a chart of a stock or commodity. Once these patterns are seen, an investor can use them as indicators for making future predictions about where that specific asset might go. Traders often develop their indicators so that they can track the price movements of their stock more accurately. They may even develop special software programs designed for this purpose.
There are many different types of trading strategies that an investor can use. One of the most common is technical trading, which involves using indicators to help predict future price movements. This type of strategy aims to use the wealth gained from the sale of a stock or commodity.
This book covers:
• What Is Technical Analysis
• Basic Concept of Trend
• Recognizing Breakout
• The 4 Types of Indicators You Need to Know
• Continuation Patterns
• Reversal Patterns
• 24 Candlestick Patterns That Every Trader Should Know
• Avoid the Traps
• Trading Psychology
And much more!
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