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Fed up with feeling tired? Stressed? Mind racing? Craving some inner calm?
Meditation helps to overcome a scattered and agitated mind and develop concentration and relaxation at the same time. By learning to let go of thoughts and watch the breath you can develop a stable mind that can focus on what you want rather than being pushed and pulled in any direction by random thoughts.
Try this 7 day course: How To Mediate Made Easy, and discover how meditation will leave you feeling clear and relaxed.
It's easy - and fun - when you know how! Jason spills the beans on the shortcuts, how to avoid common mistakes and how to stay motivated, in this 7 day How to Meditate Made Easy course.
Jason uses a mindfulness-based training approach that supports the development of positive mental health and well-being, and has designed this meditation program for the beginner student.
The programs training focus is to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life so that you can successfully implemented its benefits in a wide variety of social environments with positive results.
Also as a course bonus and which is part of Jason's meditation education program students will be provided with a 10-minute guided meditation audio and a three-minute quick relaxation audio that can be used daily to help you stay focused. These resources are incorporated into the eBook version which is included with your paperback version.
A mind, body learning approach.
When we involve the mind and body in the learning process - meditation, mindfulness, and subconscious affirmations - we are creating an effective and long lasting way to bring about change and personal growth that will have long-lasting benefits.
Jason understands that we each have individual needs and therefore, his approach in training is flexible, which is why he has created this highly effective introductory meditation program, while providing you with the skills and resources needed..
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