Scott Matthews

1200 Fun, Random & Interesting Facts To Win Trivia! - Fact Books For Kids (Boys and Girls Age 12 - 15)

Did you know that self-discipline is a better indicator of success than your IQ score? Did you know that the Walt Disney Company is the world’s second biggest buyer of explosives? Did you know that oxygen masks in airplanes aren't actually connected to an oxygen tank? They instead use a chemical reaction to generate it on the spot.

In these 1200 facts you're going to learn more than you learned from all your high school teachers combined. It's full of interesting information that you can whip out in any conversation. You'll never be lost for words and always have the perfect ice breaker.

You're going to learn more about the world you live in & some of the topics include:
- Science
- Economics
- Human Anatomy
- Animal Species
- Space

And many, many More! What’re you waiting for? Knowledge is power! Come on in and we’ll delve into the interesting and fascinating facts about the world around us. Scroll up and click the ‘add to cart’ button now!
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