Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka: A Harrowing, Yet Weirdly Comical, Reflection on Human Feelings of Inadequacy, Guilt, & Isolation — Keep Reading!
It was no dream.
Waking up one morning to uneasy dreams, salesman Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed into a monstrous vermin. His hard, armor-plated back makes getting up almost impossible. His frail, thin legs make for a stark contrast from his brown, domed belly.
With nowhere to run, he is forced to face his family and deal with their disgust… lest he faces condemnation from the rest of society.
As the sole breadwinner in his household, there was a time when he supplied their every need. Now that he is no longer able to do so, his family is left to fend for themselves and simmers with resentment over their new burden.
What happened to Gregor? Is he cursed by some unknown malevolent entity? One of the many faces he chanced upon in his travels?
Find out (or not) in “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka — one of the greatest writers of his time!
“Metamorphosis” has taken its place as one of the most widely read and influential works of twentieth-century fiction.
Immerse yourself in one of Kafka’s most compelling, best-known works!


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