Harold Bindloss

The Protector

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Through magnificently descriptive and evocative prose and dialogue, the listener is transported into the rugged landscape of Canada, and into the suspenseful and action packed story of its hero, Wallace Vane, and his deepest motivations as a success in the lumber industry, having emigrated from his British roots... "There were signs of a change in the weather when Vane walked down to the wharf with his passengers, for a cold wind which had sprung up struck an eerie sighing from the sombre firs and sent the white mists streaming along the hillside." Written by adventure master Harold Bindloss. Artist Bio Author: Harold Bindloss (1866-1945), was a British writer of a multitude of adventure novels taking place in western Canada. Artist Bio Jack Brown: Jack Brown is a passionate reader of classic and genre oriented literature. He enjoys creating high quality audio books.
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