The Power of Competition, Dealing with Temptation, and Why Responsibility is Empowering | ASK ME ANYTHING

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Today, Kipp Sorensen and Ryan Michler discuss the power of competition, dealing with temptation, why responsibility is empowering, and so much more. Hit me up on Instagram at @ryanmichler and share with me what’s working in your life.
2:25 How can I deal with disrespectful in-laws without causing more drama? 9:10 How do you see the results of the current culture war going in the next 5 years? 13:31 Do you attend church and what are your thoughts on organized religion? 19:06 How can I get my child offline and into the woods? 22:07 How can we combat the growing statistics of male suicide, incarceration, fatherless homes, etc? 27:55 How can I be more present as a father even though my profession requires me to travel? 30:44 How can I create my own path to climbing the ladder at work? 39:33 How can I support my son going into basic training? 42:12 How can I convince my wife that homeschooling is beneficial for our children? 46:47 What is your essential daily ritual? 50:30 Why is competition essential to your theory? 58:19 Why can a man be motivated to change certain areas of life but not others? 1:09:10 What advice do you have for someone transitioning careers with an apprehensive wife?  Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready
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