B.E. Baker

The Finding Home Series Books 4-6

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★ Grab books four, five, and six in The Finding Home Series all in the same place. ★

4. Finding Spring: A single mom meets Mr. Right at exactly the wrong time and in exactly the wrong place, because he’s her boss, and she needs this job.

5. Finding Liberty: An Olympic-bound skier has an accident, and it changes her life forever. She thinks she's broken, but when Rob meets her, he sees someone spectacular. Can he convince her to fight for the life she wants?

6. Finding Holly: Paisley has a secret, and it's finally going to get out. But can this bad-boy loving secretary find the strength she needs to heal and move on?

★ Dive into three more compelling stories of loss and love and living well. The heroes and heroines of The Finding Home Series know that not all that is gone is lost, and not all that is broken is beyond repair. Find some inspiration amid despair and some hope amongst the rubble as you read about people you can utterly relate to who are doing the same. ★
What did Publisher's Weekly think? They said Finding Liberty "has a serious emotional core, [and that] "Baker’s prose is warm, engaging, and fresh, and the voices of her protagonists are both distinctive and immediately captivating. The leads are immensely sympathetic, and their chemistry is undeniable."
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