Jan Moran

Coral Cafe

A beach cafe. An event to remember. The summer heats up with friendship and fun.A USA Today bestseller! “A fun read that grabs you at the start.” — Tina Sloan, Award-winning Actress and Author
When Marina Moore decides to expand her farmers market and pop-up dinner business, the next step is a cafe on the shores of Summer Beach. But challenges loom, and Marina must quickly become more creative than ever, especially when her children need help. Her sister Kai's position with a musical theater troupe forces more changes. Their sister Brooke is having marital challenges, while grandmother Ginger continues to contribute her advice on the life well-lived—if only her granddaughters will listen.
Meanwhile, writer Jack Ventana stumbles onto more old secrets in Summer Beach, and his overgrown Labrador retriever puppy Scout manages to dig his way into more trouble. When the status quo changes between Jack and Marina, their budding romance is threatened.
Join the fun once again in Summer Beach, where the bonds of friendship and love prove unbreakable.
From the author of the USA Today bestsellers, the Coral Cottage and Seabreeze Inn series, the Coral Cafe is a new chapter on the sunny coastline. Available in paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and large print editions.
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