Emma Dakin

Crime in Cornwall

Claire Barclay is enthusiastic about her British Mystery Book Tour business. She enjoys taking her guests, usually from America, to the settings of mystery novels where bodies are long dead. Her
neighbor’s plea for help to deal with a recently murdered wellknown author unsettles her. She leaves the body to the police and takes her guests to Cornwall, including a British tourist who is far too interested in the dead author.

She can’t avoid the murder investigation because her lover Mark is the detective with the Major Investigations Team examining the death. The dead author set his mystery in Cornwall, and Claire learns
more about the murder as the people of Cornwall talk to her. She begins to understand the independent nature of the Cornish people and the conflict of the traditional smuggling ethos with the tragedy
of the modern-day drug smuggling trade. Claire’s reluctant sense of justice for the murdered man demands action, so she sets out to find who is responsible.
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